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      • In line with companies vision of Safety and Sustenance , NOVEAU introduced SafeT 1st, products that stand for enhanced safety , efficiency and are cost effective. The products are highly durable and made with best quality Raw material ( that can be recycled), DIY, and aesthetically pleasing.
      • These are Innovative, futuristic and efficient products , launched for enhancing safety and aesthetics . They cost effective with a focus on saving time and manpower cost. The brands stands quality products made from high quality raw material that make them sturdy and reusable with a long life.
      • Launching a range of innovative cable and wire managers which neatly bundles cable and wires together . The products help avoid accidents occurring out of loose hanging cable and wires.
      • Cable Zippers and floor protectors are the first two products in line for the larger range to cater to the wide range of usages.